13 thoughts on “50 School-Approved Nut-Free Snacks

  1. I need to find packaged healthy snacks, that are kosher, non-dairy, I am trying to limit the sugar of reward foods given out at private school.

    1. I hear you on the reward foods. My daughter came home from school most every week with some type of candy. I just don’t like her associating candy with good behavior. If you’re going to give a treat, give a treat. But don’t tie it into a bribe for behavior. Can the school do nuts or trail mix?

  2. You can always buy nut free cookies with bulk pricing from! At least that is what I do for my kid’s snacks at school 🙂

  3. Holley, please note that manufacturers are NOT required to warn you when there is a possibility of cross-contamination with peanuts or tree nuts! Under the labeling guidelines set forth by the FDA under FALCPA, warnings like “May contain…” and “Manufactured on equipment with…” are entirely voluntary. There are no standards for when they should be used, how they should be worded, and where they should be placed. Many manufacturers opt not to include them at all! Their absence does NOT mean the product is safe!

    Unfortunately, just looking at the label on a bag of pretzels or tortilla chips is NOT enough to determine whether the product is safe for a child with food allergies… you MUST contact the manufacturer!

  4. Please don’t list Hershey Kisses as a tree nut/peanut free snack. Always rwad the package. These are made in a facility that has tree nuts /tree nuts. Both my granddaughters are allergic so we read all packages. This list was helpful tho.


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