Ever wondered how you could dress up canned salmon into a delicious meal? Look no further, these 5-Ingredient Salmon Burgers are the answer.

A week or two ago I was doing my usual grocery shopping, loading up the cart with heaps of food to feed my family for the upcoming week. I usually make a list of what I need ahead of time in an attempt to make my visit as efficient as possible, but this time around I found myself just aimlessly wandering up and down the aisles. Recently it seems like we’ve been having the same meals week after week, and I’ve grown pretty bored of it. In an effort to break out of this rut, I allowed meal ideas to bounce through my head as I passed up and down the aisles. I snapped out of this day dream of sorts right as I walked past the canned meats. Well, canned salmon to be exact.


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Canned salmon. I had to ask myself “What does one make with canned salmon?”. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten canned salmon in my life, so naturally I threw a couple cans in my cart. Spontaneity!

Super Easy Salmon Burgers

It wasn’t until driving home that I came up with the perfect idea – salmon burgers! I had seen premade salmon burgers at the store before, so I figured it couldn’t be too difficult to recreate in my own kitchen. Upon arriving back at the house, I got to work.

The salmon burgers came together in no time, and with just 5 simple ingredients, too! After throwing all of the ingredients in the food processor and giving it a whirl, I let the mixture sit in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes to allow it to hold together better before cooking them up in the pan.


The texture of these salmon burgers was dense with a texture that somewhat reminded me of a crab cake. The oats allowed the mixture to hold together so well that you’d almost think these were store bought! We decided to enjoy them without buns this time around, but next time I’m envisioning making these as actual burgers, sandwiched between a bun and piled high with avocado and hot sauce. Yum!

Have you ever cooked with canned salmon? Tell me what you made. I’m always looking of inspiration!

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