You’ve Been Boo’zed! Free Halloween Printable

Boo! I’ve got your FREE You've Been Boo'zed printable with some simple and fun treat ideas right here!!

Download and print them now and then check the FUN ideas below for what to give.


You've been Booed and You've Been Boozed Halloween Printables from Holley Grainger

Brent and I can’t wait to Boo'Ze a few good friends and neighbors this year and I want you to JOIN US! Kick off a fun You’ve Been BooZ’ed plan this weekend to get your neighborhood buzzing before Halloween.

Whether you’re sharing wine glasses, festive drink holders, miniatures of liquor, bottles of beer, splits of wine, or even these hilarious beer goggles, you’re pals will feel young-at-heart receiving their gifts. Don’t forget to include the printable and be sure to remind them to pass along the You’ve Been Boo’zed love to their of-age friends!


How to You've Been Boo'Zed Your Friends

Here's the chance for you to start the tradition with your family:

  1. Download and print the free You've Been Boo'Zed printable.
  2. Choose who you want to Boo'Ze (can be as many or as few people as you would like but make sure they are over 21).
  3. Buy or make something to go in your Boo'Ze bag.
  4. Add the printable to the bag along with your goodies.
  5. Secretly deliver the bag to your recipients.
  6. SHHH.....don't tell it was you that Boo'Zd.
  7. Share your pictures on Instagram using #youvebeenboozed.

What to Put in a You've Been Boo'Zed Basket

It doesn’t need to be expensive to bring holiday fun to your neighborhood. Here’s a list of cheap or free items to tuck in a basket, bucket, or bag:

  • Liquor bottle or miniatures
  • Cocktail-flavored gummies
  • Novelty wine glasses
  • Drink koozies/huggies
  • Glow sticks
  • Seasonal beer
  • Boxed wine
  • Corkscrew
  • Aleve/Advil
  • Beer goggles
  • Shot glasses
  • Candy
You've been Booz'ed from Holley Grainger

FOR THE FAMILY: You’ve Been BOOED Free Printable

Grab my FREE You've Been Booed printable then click over here to check out the treat ideas as well as tips on who to boo.


Who Will You Boo'Ze? 

Share pictures of your crew Boo'ing for a chance to be regrammed on my Insta! Use the hashtag #youvebeenboozed! Whether you're posting the treats that you're giving, sharing what you received, or capturing your crew in the action, I wanna see it!



You've been Booed and You've Been Boozed Halloween Printables from Holley Grainger
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